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Apocalypse Kree 2017 - Posting Open!

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I owe you all an apology - I got called away on an emergency trip for work last week and completely forgot to open posting.

So, posting at apocalypse_kree is now open! Post your stories at will and show us how you destroyed the world! Posting will close on January 31st February 9th, with the master list going up shortly thereafter.

Where you post your story is up to you. You can post it here or you can post it elsewhere (our collection at AO3, your own journal, etc.) and post a link here. If you post it here, please make sure your fic is under a cut.

Regardless of where you post your fic, please include the following info in your post to apocalypse_kree:

You can include other things too, of course, if you want to: author's notes, word count, etc.

Please tag your fic according to which show(s) you're writing about.

As far as DW and LJ go, you're free to post to either or both. I'll mirror the master post on both, so everyone will eventually see all of the stories.

Regarding warnings:

Since this is an apocalypse, I'm not going to make you warn for character death if you're posting to this community; I think that's kind of assumed. Although if you're killing off absolutely everyone or describing a massacre in meticulous detail, you might want to give people a bit of notice. And, of course, if you post elsewhere (including our AO3 collection), then you'll want to follow any rules for warnings there.

It would be appreciated if you'd use AO3's other major warnings when posting here: rape/non-con, graphic violence, and underage sex. Alternately, you can just say you don't warn. I'll leave any other warnings to your discretion.

If you're worried about spoilers, feel free to use spoiler code like this:

There's no posting schedule, so post whenever you like!

I'm going to leave prompt claiming open until the end of the month, for anyone struck by last-minute inspiration. You can claim a prompt here.

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