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Apocalypse Kree 2017 - Call for Prompts

The rules can be found here.

Call for Prompts!

1. Anyone can submit prompts, whether or not you plan on creating something.
2. Prompts must be more than one word. Traditional apocafic prompts are welcome, as well as those that put a different spin on things. Feel free to be creative. You can use specific scenarios, a series of words, lyrics (try to keep these down to a few lines), quotes, pictures (please link to and warn for non-work safe pics), episodes, etc.
3. You can choose to specify a single character, two or more characters in a platonic relationship (A & B or A & B & C), a pairing/threesome/moresome (A/B or A/B/C), or 'any' (meaning any character in any relationship). The default is 'any.'
4. Once again, there is a limit of seven new prompts per person.
5. I reserve the right to throw out prompts that are only one word, that are repeats of another prompt (unless they’re a different pairing) or that are graphic and intense. (You really have to submit something pretty sick to gross me out, so I don’t foresee this as a problem. It’s really more of a 'don't post pics of entrails' type of thing.)

Specify character OR pairing OR 'team' OR 'any,' and then give a prompt of more than one word.

Note that "&" means a gen relationship (usually friendship, but you can use it for an antagonistic relationship if you like) and "/" means a sexual and/or romantic relationship.

Prompts will be taken through November 25th. Prompts will be posted around November 26th. Works are due, at the latest, by January 31st.

FYI: While you're certainly welcome to leave multiple comments as you think of more prompts, you're also welcome to leave multiple prompts in the same comment, as long as they're on different lines (with maybe an extra space in between if they run for more than one line).

If you have questions, you can ask them over here.

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