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Apocalypse Kree Index 2015

At long last, our round up! I know it's 2016, but I'm calling this the 2015 round since that's when we started it.

Thank you once again to all of our wonderful creators for participating!

Please check the individual story headers for warnings and summaries; I haven't included those in this list.

Author: dreigiau
Flavour: Implied Sam/Jack
Prompt: 16. Any, "There comes a time when a house has been so damaged by termites that you must not only kill the termites... but demolish the house..."
Link: Pest Control

Author: roeskva
Flavour: Gen
Prompt: 97. AU Sam|Jolinar, Sam|Jolinar, a mortally injured AU Sam|Jolinar comes through from another reality, with important information about the Goa'uld. Sam volunteers as host, when they realize the Goa'uld in question had conquered Earth in the other reality, and were likely to do so in this.
Link: Mirror Version

Author: roeskva
Flavour: Gen (Hints of Jolinar/Martouf|Lantash)
Prompt: 182. Jolinar, Sam, any. Problem was, the only one who had known the location was Jolinar, and Sam couldn't for the life of her (or anyone else) remember.
Link: Hard Decisions

Author: melagan
Flavour: Gen
Prompt: SGA. AR-1. Finding another working Atlantis Class Cityship should've been a great thing, but it wasn't. It really, really wasn't.
Link: Casus Belli

Author: mific
Flavour: Gen
Prompt: None
Link: Legends of the Road

Author: agnostos_aner
Flavour: hints of Jack/Daniel
Prompt: 168. Jack/Daniel, even Daniel had not been willing to believe they were werewolves
Link: Wolves and Jackal
Tags: admin, fic index

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