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Apocalypse Kree 2013 - Official Rules Post

It looks like there's interest, so apocalypse_kree is on for another year! This is the rules post; the prompt post will go up right after this.

One big change this year: since this is not an exchange (and since I'd like to encourage as much participation as possible), I'm going to open up the challenge to art as well as fic. If you want to create an image of our heroes (or their enemies) dealing with the end of the world, claim a prompt and go for it.

The Official Rules

The Process:

1. Readers and creators will submit prompts to the prompt post.
2. I'll make a master list of prompts.
3. Creators will claim a prompt they wish to create something for.
4. Creators will have a significant amount of time to create their fanworks.
5. Creators will post their works during the week that works are due.

The Timeline:

July 30 - August 12th: Prompts may be submitted.
August 13th: Prompt claiming begins.
September 30th: Prompt claiming closes.
October 1st - October 15th: Works should be posted sometime during this period.

The rest of the rulesCollapse )

Please reply to this post with questions, comments, snide remarks and early notifications of inability to finish a story so that I can release your prompt back into the wild. COMMENTS ARE SCREENED. Comments and questions will be unscreened; drop-out notifications will remain screened.

Finally, please feel free to pimp! There are some banners here. If you want to make your own, please, go ahead.
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