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The End of the Initial Prompt Claiming Period

August 14th has come and gone, and our initial round of prompt claiming is now over. This doesn't mean you're too late to play--you can still claim a prompt! Anyone is welcome to keep claiming prompts right up until the end of posting on September 30th, as long as you think you can finish your story in time.

What this does mean is that I'm throwing the list open to people who want to claim additional prompts. If you have a brilliant idea for a second or third story and have been waiting to grab those prompts, now you can.

All prompt claiming should be done on the prompt post. You can also exchange your prompt there if your current one isn't working out for you.

Questions should go to the rules post.

If you have to drop out and want to free up your prompt for someone else to use, you can let me know on either the prompt post (unscreened comments) or the rules post (screened comments).

Thank you for participating!
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