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Master List of Prompts

Prompt claiming is now closed! However, if you see a prompt you really want to use, you're welcome to claim it when we run again in 2012.

Rules for Claiming

1. The initial claim period will run from August 1st to August 14th. During that time, each writer will be allowed to claim one prompt.

2. Reply to this post with the prompt you want. I'll strike it off the list and confirm that it's yours. There's only one writer per prompt and it's first come, first served, so you may want to take a look at the comments above yours to make sure your prompt hasn't been claimed before you ask for it.

3. After the initial claim period is over, I'll start allowing writers to claim additional prompts. There's no actual limit on the number of prompts you can claim, but you're encouraged to finish your current story before claiming a second (or third or fourth) prompt.

4. Fic is due between September 20th and September 30th. Each writer will post their own fic.

5. Writers may continue to claim prompts (including claiming a first prompt) until the end of the posting period. If you're stuck, you're also welcome to exchange your prompt for another until the end of the posting period.

6. If you don't like any of the prompts here, you can claim an unused prompt from the 2007 or 2008 lists. If you do that, please comment on THIS POST with the year and the prompt. If you have an outstanding claim from a previous year, you're welcome to write that this year.

7. You're not required to tell me if you're not going to finish your story, but if you know early on that you won't finish, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know so that I can release your prompt back into the wild. You can leave a comment here, or on the rules post where comments are screened, or you can PM or email me.

8. You may claim your own prompt if you wish. There is no minimum length for fic.

Notes on Categorizing Prompts

Prompts without any additional information on pairing, character, or show went into the 'any' category.

Prompts for specific shows without any additional character or pairing information went into the 'specific show, any character or pairing' category.

Single-character prompts that did not specify pairing or gen went into the gen category.

Prompts that gave the option of pairing or gen for specific characters went in the pairing category, but you're still welcome to write them as gen.

The Prompts

Any Show, Any Character, Any Pairing

1. Any. "For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return." - Leonardo Da Vinci

2. Any. "History was written by those who hanged the heroes" - Braveheart

3. Any. "I got a girl in the war, man, I wonder what it is we've done." -- Josh Ritter

4. Any. "I have often thought upon death, and I find it the least of all evils." - Sir Francis Bacon

5. Any. "Maybe this world is another planet's Hell" Aldous Huxley

6. Any. "Not all those who wander are lost." - JRR Tolkien

7. Any. "Rage, rage against the dying of the light" - Dylan Thomas.

8. Any. "what went right? what went wrong? | doesn't really matter much when it's gone" Down to One by Melissa Etheridge

9. Any. Picture.

10. Any. 99% of Us is Failure by Matthew Good

11. Any. Aliens spray the Earth with something that makes everyone go sex nuts. They only stop long enough to eat, go to the bathroom, and change partners.

12. Any. Ark of Truth AU. The Ark is opened. The Ancients aren't happy.

13. Any. Deciding who to save.

14. Any. Eli never cracked the Prometheus game code, but he hooked up with some survivors from Cheyenne Mountain and now things are looking up.

15. Any. Enough of this shit, I'm going back through the mirror.

16. Any. Finding things to celebrate.

17. Any. How the hell did the Lucians win, anyway?

18. Any. Hunting for answers: who laid waste to Earth?

19. Any. It's nothing more than petty Earth politics that make their own people turn against them. When it happens, none of them are as surprised as they probably should be.

20. Any. It's the little things they miss the most.

21. Any. Keep calm and carry on

22. Any. Mad Max

23. Any. Nuclear winter.

24. Any. "Of modern morals, and the beaten road
Which those poor slaves with weary footsteps tread,
Who travel to their home among the dead
By the broad highway of the world, and so
With one chained friend, -- perhaps a jealous foe,
The dreariest and the longest journey go." - "Epipsychidion", Percy Bysshe Shelley

25. Any. The things we do for love.

26. Any. The waiting is the worst part.

27. Any. The writing is on the wall. That doesn't mean he has to believe it.

28. Any. There was supposed to be light at the end of the tunnel.

29. Any. They are becoming less human every day.

30. Any. They finally take the planet back, but now what?

31. Any. They were all very surprised when the angels appeared.

32. Any. We can't be other than we are.

Specific Shows, Any Character, Any Pairing

33. SG1 any. Take the long way home

34. SG-1 Team. Gen or any pairings. 99 Luftballons

35. SG-1, any OR team. The sun is dying.

36. SG1, gen or ship. Continuum: There's no gate for escaping from Ba'al's invasion of the alternate Earth.

37. SG1. Taking shelter with off-world allies.

38. SG1. They'd thought they were done with false gods.

39. SG-1. They're going to lose, but that doesn't matter.

40. SGA any. Earth's remaining ships arrive, carrying the news that Earth is lost.

41. SGA any. I've seen the end of the world before, this isn't it.

42. SGA Supporting/Minor Characters. Survival without the heroes

43. SGA, any pairings. Future!fic, a highly contagious disease that makes them all sterile, no future generations, unable to return to Earth, unable to move about the Pegasus galaxy.

44. SGA, any. Enemy at the Gates AU: the Wraith send a *fleet* of super-hiveships to Earth.

45. SGA, gen or ship. Someone invents an Ascension drug. Nearly everyone chooses to Ascend; who doesn't, and why?

46. SGA. A ship is safe in the harbor but that's not what it's built for.

46a. SGU (could also be SGA and/or SG1). Destiny arrives at its Destination, and the universe unravels.

47. SGU any. What would you do for a new pair of boots?

SG1 Gen

48. Cam, gen. He's been praised for his leadership skills. He needs them now.
49. Cam. Clinging to his faith in the face of an angry god who is not his own.
50. Cam. He no longer trusts his own memories.
51. Cameron. The third time he learns how to walk, he has to train his shoulders to bear the weight of a dead world.

52. Daniel & Cam gen. Daniel looks for the library in every town they stop in.

53. Cam & Teal'c friendship. Teal'c knows what it's like to feel like you've lost everything. He can help Cameron with this.

54. Carolyn & Sam gen. Fighting to the last.

55. Daniel. He's spent his whole life preserving the histories of fallen civilizations. It's poor preparation for immortalizing thousands of years of human history on Earth.

56. General Hammond. Keeping the lights on.
57. General Hammond. When the moment arrives, he stands at his post and wishes them godspeed for the last time.

58. General Landry. He's no stranger to sending good people into bad situations. It doesn't make sending the finest people he's ever met into the most hopeless situation imaginable any easier to stomach.

59. Jack, gen. "Behold a pale horse and the man that sat upon him was Death, and Hell followed with him." Revelation 6:8
60. Jack. He's never left a man behind. Then the worst happens and he turns his back on six billon helpless people.

61. Jay Felger. He's the most senior scientist on base when it happens. He's fairly certain they're all doomed.

62. Jonas, gen. Langara in the aftermath of the Ori Invasion.
63. Jonas. He watches his whole world pay for his faith in people he's starting to think he never really knew at all.

64. Sam. Sam Carter is a strange old lady who wanders the galaxy and is part wise woman, part story teller.
65. Sam Carter. She was saying goodbye and she didn't even know it.
66. Sam. The General Hammond's mission was successful, for all it was too late.
67. Sam. There's no salvation in her precious equations this time. No matter the math she uses, x keeps working out to failure.

68. Sam & Cam gen. Skyscrapers, silver, starlight.

69. Sam & Vala gen. Sometimes they resort to disguises.

70. Teal'c, gen. He searched for a long time.
71. Teal'c. He didn't realize how much he had until he lost it all.

72. SG-1 Team, gen. They all had their own ways of coping.

73. Thor. His people have done all they can. It doesn't seem like enough.

74. Vala. Old habits die hard, especially at the end of everything.

75. Walter. He's there until the bitter end, supporting the people held up as heroes while they scramble to save the day one last time. There's nowhere else he'd rather be.


76. Atlantis Gen. The Wraith War

77. Beckett and any. "I killed them all"

78. Elizabeth, gen. Rebuilding after everything.
79. Elizabeth. It is far too late when she finally learns how to fight.

80. Gen. Rodney talks about the Diefenbunker. Yay, Canada!

81. Gen. Two storm fronts are moving towards one another, destined to collide ... right over Atlantis.

82. Gen. When Atlantis is devastated by a plague, a handful of survivors set out to find a new home.

83. Gen/any. SGA 1x06 Poisoning the Well AU: What if the Hoffan virus escaped containment? What if it mutated as it spread through Pegasus? (S1 fic, so no contact with Earth.)

84. Gen/any. SGA 5x04 The Daedalus Variations AU: What if Rodney hadn't been able to reverse the jumping and the team had to abandon ship in a post-apocalyptic universe?

85. Gen/any. SGA 5x19 Vegas AU: The message gets through. John survives but isn't too happy about being conscripted into the SGC. Then the Wraith arrive, and it's guerrilla tactics time!

86. Jeannie Miller, gen. It's still not over.

87. Jennifer. Each day, survival is a victory.

88. John & Ronon gen. Valor without renown.

89. John. It's hard to choose who to mourn for.

90. Lorne. Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental.

91. Rodney, John, Teyla, Ronon, others as you wish, gen (friendship). A literal two worlds colliding/meteor crashing into planet type scenario. Which world(s) is destroyed I'll leave the author to decide.

92. Ronon. Going back to Sateda to lay them to rest properly.
93. Ronon. He gets trapped on Sateda after the Wraith destroyed it.
94. Ronon, gen. It's not surprising.

95. Ronon & Teyla & the SGA expedition, gen. Survival without Earth or Atlantis, living as Pegasus natives.
96. Teyla, Ronon, the expedition. Post-EATG, elements of the expedition go back to Pegasus and have to learn how to survive without the supply infrastructure from Earth.

97. Ronon & Teyla gen. It wasn't how either of them expected things to end.
98. Ronon, Teyla, gen. They are the only people left in Atlantis.

99. SGA Team gen. Dusty trails, blazing sun, echoes.

100. Team SGA. The team gates through to a planet they think has been devastated by the Wraith, but soon find it's much worse than that.

101. Team Sheppard. It only takes one small thing to destroy everything.

102. Team, gen. Post-EATG, Earth keeps Atlantis, so the team go back to Pegasus with nothing but a 'jumper or two. They begin coming across the ruins of Pegasus civilisations and have to piece together why and start working out what they're going to do. I suggest making Teyla and Ronon the leadership focus - no What They Need Is A Honky scenarios!

103. Teyla. Earth is destroyed, she has lost everyone she loved and there is no way home. The only goal she has left is to fulfil the last promise she made to Rodney: find Jeannie.
104. Teyla. Her laugh broke the silence.
105. Teyla. I might not understand your ways, but I can tr
106. Teyla. It's not her world, but she fights and grieves for Earth anyway.
107. Teyla. There has to be a world left for Torren to live in.
108. Teyla-centric with team OR Teyla-centric with John/Teyla. "Greatness lies, not in being strong, but in the right using of strength; and strength is not used rightly when it serves only to carry a man above his fellows for his own solitary glory. He is the greatest whose strength carries up the most hearts by the attraction of his own." ~ Henry Ward Beecher

109. Teyla, Todd. He offers her a chance to survive.

110. Todd. the extinction of his species.

111. Torren. "I am legend."


112. Brody, I'm a mastermind with a genius escape plan

113. Eli & Chloe, gen. Destiny makes it home, but there's no one there to greet them.

114. Eli, Matt & Vanessa, "What am I supposed to do now that the space race is over? It's been and it's gone, and I'll never get to the moon..." -- Billy Bragg

115. Rush, gen. He never asked to have this many people relying on him.

116. Rush. He got what he wanted, and it's killing him.

117. Wray, gen. "I'm ready for the road less traveled / suiting up for the crowning battle / This test is my own cross to bear / But I will get there .../ What am I living for?" -- Katy Perry

Crossover Gen + Any Show Gen

118. Gen, anyone. They are not going to win. Not now, not ever.

119. Gen. "Be careful not to drown in a mirage." - Terri Guillemets

120. Gen. Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, Stargate style. Alien plants! Must.Not.Sleep! (Screeching is optional.)

121. Gen. Two stargates collide. The result is something no one could have foreseen.

122. John, Cam & Lorne. What good are pilots without ships to fly?

123. John, Cam & Sam. It would have almost been like a road trip, if they hadn't been the only ones on the road.

124. John, Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal'c, Hammond, SGC. Sheppard blames himself for the destruction of Atlantis and the expedition, SG1 tries to help.

125. Rush & McKay, gen. All that was left was revenge.

126. SG1 and SGA1. "If A equals success, then the formula is: A=X+Y+Z. X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut." - Einstein.

127. SGA/SG1, gen. We all live in a Yellow Submarine.

SG1 Pairings/Threesomes/Moresomes

128. Cam/Carolyn. She clung to his voice in the darkness.

129. Cam/Sam. Finding a way to go on
130. Cam/Sam. Now, and at the end of all things.
131. Cam/Sam. Once you hit rock bottom, there's nowhere to go but up.
132. Cam/Sam. See anything interesting?
133. Cam/Sam. Why did it have to be raptors?
134. Sam & Cam or Sam/Cam. After the Ori invasion of Earth.
135. Sam/Cam. (Some of) Earth's fleet survives. The planet does not.
136. Sam/Cam. They tell themselves it could have been worse.

137. Cam/Vala. He could have had a worse companion to ride out the end of the world with.
138. Cam/Vala. Life in exile.
139. Cam/Vala. She can get whatever she wants from Earth's malls now. It's less satisfying than she expected.

140. Daniel/Sha're. Anubis manages to destroy all life in our universe, but Oma manages to get Daniel to an alternate universe.

141. Gen or Sam/Jack. The Goa'uld conquer Earth and take most of the SGC's major players as hosts, except that the ones who take SG1 are undercover Tok'ra. Early seasons.
142. Jack/Sam. On the bad days they pull out the photographs. On the very worst days they pull out the booze.
143. Sam/Jack. At the Cabin after 'the End of the World'.
144. Sam/Jack. Making moonshine.
145. Sam/Jack. Noah's Arc, the spaceship edition.
146. Sam/Jack. Sam is given military command of Atlantis right after being promoted to Lt. Colonel, instead of Colonel Sumner. There's no contact until Earth is destroyed and the survivors make it to Atlantis.

147. Jack/Daniel. For once it isn't Daniel's fault.
150. Jack/Daniel. It seemed almost inevitable that they'd find each other afterwards.
151. Jack/Daniel. Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, Stargate style. Alien plants! Must.Not.Sleep! (Screeching is optional.)

152. Sam/Vala. I, the Throw Away by Matthew Good Band
153. Sam/Vala. Repopulation was going to be...difficult.

SGA Pairings/Threesomes/Moresomes

154. Alison Porter/David Parrish. "And I want to know the same thing everyone wants to know. How's it going to end?"
155. Alison Porter/David Parrish. The end was much quieter than they would've guessed.
156. Alison Porter/David Parrish. Their discovery ended an entire world.

157. Alison Porter/Laura Cadman. It's her birthday and the world ended.
158. Alison Porter/Laura Cadman. Most everyone died and it's all her fault.
159. Alison Porter/Laura Cadman. Survival training never prepared her for this.

160. Elizabeth/John. Comfort (sex) when they're the only ones left.
161. John/Elizabeth. They thought they'd accepted they might never see Earth again when they chose to come to Atlantis.
162. Elizabeth/John. Waves, weapons, rust.

163. Evan Lorne/David Parrish. "Hail and fire destroy a third of the trees and grass."
164. Evan Lorne/David Parrish. Not even they can fix this.
165. Evan Lorne/David Parrish. They were dancing in the Babylon.

166. John/Rodney or gen. Rodney was raised in a fallout shelter (like "Blast from the Past") and when he emerges he meets John, who shows him what the world has to offer.
167. John/Rodney or John & Rodney + Teyla and Ronon. A solar flare causes the gate to mis-dial and sends the team to a post-nuclear apocalypse world. (Mutant people and animals, poisoned water, radiation, that steampunk/Fallout vibe.)
168. John/Rodney or John & Rodney. AU episode 'Vegas'. Post nuclear Apocalypse (Think 'Fallout 1New Vegas' - mutant people and animals, poisoned water, radiation, etc.) The stranded Wraith managed to call his allies.
169. John/Rodney, slash or friendship or gen. "Apocalypse How" - Rodney's guide to starting the apocalypse.
170. John/Rodney, slash or friendship or gen. Rodney's asked to destroy a civilization for the greater good.
171. John/Rodney. An unexpected reunion in an unexpected places.
172. John/Rodney. Blanket spread on grass at night.
173. John/Rodney. Can we actually get this thing into the air?
174. John/Rodney. Go through the Gate after the destruction of Earth.
175. John/Rodney. Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, Stargate style. Alien plants! Must.Not.Sleep! (Screeching is optional.)
176. John/Rodney. Rodney falls asleep in the front seat on the way to Colorado.
177. John/Rodney. Rodney's run the numbers a half dozen times and the answer's the same every time.
178. John/Rodney. SGA 1x06 Poisoning the Well AU: What if the Hoffan virus escaped containment? What if it mutated as it spread through Pegasus? (S1 fic, so no contact with Earth.)
179. John/Rodney. SGA 5x04 The Daedalus Variations AU: What if Rodney hadn't been able to reverse the jumping and the team had to abandon ship in a post-apocalyptic universe?
180. John/Rodney. SGA 5x19 Vegas AU: The message gets through. John but isn't too happy about being conscripted into the SGC. Then the Wraith arrive, and it's guerrilla tactics time!
181. John/Rodney. Staying in a vacant hotel after the end.
182. John/Rodney. Stick with me and you'll go places.
183. John/Rodney. The children of humanity are returning home today.
184. John/Rodney. They see Ronon and Teyla's signal fire from a great height.
185. John/Rodney. What if the only survivors on earth were natural/artificial gene possessors?
186. John/Rodney. When the Genii detonate a nuclear weapon in the atmosphere, Atlantis becomes a huge fall-out shelter. The city can no longer fly, and the gate is damaged. The inhabitants have no choice but to make do as best they can.
187. John/Rodney. With Team, a bright blue sky.

188. Mensa!verse, John and Rod (gen or ship). Rod leaves, but he's not in time to prevent exotic particles for ripping apart his home universe.

189. John/Ronon. Acquiring new skills
190. John/Ronon. The only thing that gets me through the night.
191. Ronon/Sheppard. Atlantis has been destroyed by the self-destruct, and John is missing.

192. John/Teyla. Finding a use for an old skill
193. John/Teyla. The bones of survival.
194. John/Teyla. They tell each other stories as they walk.

195. Lorne/Parrish or Lorne/Parrish and Lorne's team. Stuck in a time dilation feild, they watch the world they know crumble into dust.

196. Radek/Teyla or Radek & Teyla, gen. Didn't know you before.

197. Sheppard and Bill Lee (gen or ship; I'd love you forever if it were ship), geeks going out with style.

198. Sheppard/Woolsey. Earth cuts Pegasus off when plague strikes; Woolsey's adherence to the rules becomes increasingly ridiculous, but Sheppard needs it.

199. Teyla/Elizabeth. They see it coming, but can't stop it.

200. Teyla/Jennifer. Starlight, wind, wine.

SGU Pairings/Threesomes/Moresomes

201. Camile/Sharon. Searching for survivors.

202. Greer/Park. They teach each other what they know.

203. Rush/Destiny, het. Yeah, I went there.

Crossover Pairings/Threesomes/Moresomes

204. Cam/John, "It's not a love story, not in the usual sense of the term, but most things in life aren't."
205. Cam/John, "Like most misery, it started with apparent happiness." The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
206. Cam/John. It doesn't matter in the way that it means everything.
207. John/Cam. "If tomorrow never comes, will you know how much I love you?" - Garth Brooks lyrics from If Tomorrow Never Comes
208. John/Cam. "If you were here with me tonight/the sea's sound might shape itself/into your name..." - Guy Gavriel Kay.
209. John/Cam. At least we have the sky.
210. John/Cam. Fighting had become second nature in the remnants of Earth.
211. John/Cam. Finding each other when the battle is over.
212. John/Cam. Move away to leave the past behind.
213. John/Cam. 'Nothing left' doesn't mean 'nothing left to lose.'
214. John/Cam. Sing for Absolution.
215. John/Cam. Stranded in the wrong galaxy
216. John/Cam. There's always a reason to keep fighting.
217. John/Cam. They didn't think they'd ever see this many people dead.
218. John/Cam. They keep each other going.
219. John/Cam. They live in a small house. They have almost everything they need.
220. John/Cam. They're the two most senior USAF officers left on Earth, which puts them in charge of what little's left of the SGC.
221. John/Cam. They're visiting John's brother when the end of the world comes.

222. Cam/Teyla. They're both searching for what they really want.

223. Carter/Rush. They barely slept for the first month.

224. John/Sam/Cam. This isn't how any of them imagined they'd end up.

225. John/Vala. White sand, blue skies, empty beaches.

226. Teyla/Teal'c. There's a certain irony in them being the only two left on Earth

Specific Show, Specific Character, Any Pairing

227. Cam/anyone. The end of the world makes for a hell of a first date.
228. Cam, gen or any pairing. Cam's visiting his parents when the worst happens.

229. Carolyn Lam, any or no pairing. She runs out of basic medical supplies by the end of the first month.
230. Carolyn Lam, any pairing or none. Nothing could have prepared her for this.

231. Elizabeth/any. The Wraith are winning.

232. Jack, any pairing or gen. Some days he can appreciate the irony of defeating the Goa'uld and the Ori only to fall to yet another group of aliens.

233. Jennifer Keller, any or no pairing. She's learned a lot since she first arrived on Atlantis.

234. John, any pairing or none. John never expected to be the one who survived.
235. John/anyone. How much are you willing to sacrifice to save Earth?
236. John, gen or ship. SGA: Daedalus Variations' alien attack 'verse. Atlantis lost contact with Earth, and two weeks later the first alien attacks started. Coincidence? John thinks not.

237. Kate Heightmeyer, any or no pairing. She spends her days comforting the survivors.

238. Lorne, any pairing or none. He's not sure whether he would have chosen to be here, knowing what was going to happen. He's not sure he would have chosen to be elsewhere.

239. Porter. She's a scientist, not a soldier.

240. Sam, gen or any pairing. In Kansas she steals a bike.

241. Vala, any pairing or gen. She never expected all those zombie movies to actually prove useful.

242. Vanessa/any. In all her dreams of returning home, she never dreamed of this.

243. Young/any. Children, heavy, depth.

A note to writers: The prompts are a starting point, not the end all and be all of your story. You're welcome to include additional characters, and to be creative in your interpretation of your prompt as long as your story fits the general theme of the challenge.
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  • Apocalypse Kree 2017 - Posting Open!

    I owe you all an apology - I got called away on an emergency trip for work last week and completely forgot to open posting. So, posting at…

  • Apocalypse Kree Reminder

    Hello, Stargate fans and world destroyers! This is a friendly reminder that there's just over one week left until posting opens and the worlds…

  • Master List of Prompts

    Stargate fans, it's time to start destroying the world! I've updated the spreadsheet prepared last year by a completely spectacular set of…