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Apocalypse Kree Index 2008

An index of stories from the 2008 Apocalypse Kree ficathon.

Please check the individual story headers for warnings and summaries; I haven't included those in this list.

Author: elenariel
Flavor: Gen
Prompt: "And the sky full of stars"
Link: And a Star to Steer By

Author: beanpot
Flavor: Sam/Cam
Prompt: Cam wonders (or tries to find out) how his parents are faring after the end of the world.
Link: Apocalypse Lullaby

Author: randomfreshink
Flavor: Gen
Prompt: A planet is about to be destroyed by natural disaster (you pick!). The inhabitants have been evacuated and the team make one last trip back to document the ruins, which will be destroyed.
Link: Barren

Author: vain_glorious
Flavor: Gen
Prompt: "Your people have military bases in two galaxies, have the knowledge and technology of the Asgard, and have spent the better part of a decade amassing weapons from all over the universe, and you're telling me you didn't expect them to go all Evil Empire someday."
Link: Be Strange in Heaven

Author: skieswideopen
Flavor: John/Cam
Prompt: Being left behind by ascension sucks.
Link: By the Bank of the River Styx

Author: sjhw_tolerance
Flavor: Sam & Jack
Prompt: The end of the world.
Link: Defcon Alpha

Author: celandinehobbit
Flavor: Sam & Daniel
Prompt: "It's not your fault."
Link: Distant Murmurs

Author: abyssinia4077
Flavor: Gen
Prompt: Earth has been destroyed/decimated and evacuated. Some (a lot?) of the survivors made it to Atlantis. Who lived and who died? Atlantis 10 years later.
Link: Drifting Out at Sea

Author: camshaft22
Flavor: Gen
Prompt: Original or new team. No character death apart from canon references. Gen, friendship only. Baal's ships surround the Earth. He offers the IOC (and the President) a bargain. He will not attack,or interfere with the Earth's governance, in exchange for SG-1, a large yearly tribute, and the promise of non-interference from the SGC and world governments. Do they trust Baal and take the bargain, or do they try something else?
Link: Earth's Final Twilight

Author: havocthecat
Flavor: Janet/Daniel
Prompt: In a world where Daniel chose Ascension after the death of Replicarter, there was never a way to rebuild Merlin's weapon. That wasn't good for Earth. Now Teal'c and Janet are leading the resistance against the Ori.
Link: Earth's Old and Weary Cry

Author: ayamgila
Flavor: Sam, Jack, & Teal'c
Prompt: Minor character POV, observing SG-1 dealing with the loss of Earth (or their failure to keep it safe)
Link: Hear the Drummers, Hear the Pipers

Author: gunhilda
Flavor: Gen
Prompt: Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens. J. R. R. Tolkien.
Link: Hell Hath No Fury

Author: lalaithh
Flavor: Team
Prompt: "Darkness at the break of noon
Shadows even the silver spoon
The handmade blade, the child's balloon
Eclipses both the sun and moon
To understand you know too soon
There is no sense in trying."
- Bob Dylan, It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
Link: It's all right Ma'

Author: _astralis
Flavor: Jack/Sam, mentions Daniel/Sam
Prompt: "One gets so used to one's own horrors, one forgets how they must seem to other people." Diane Setterfield - the Thirteenth Tale
Link: Kings Until the Power Failed

Author: kyizi
Flavor: John/Cam
Prompt: Atlantis is the last evacuation point when Earth is destroyed.
Link: Life From Ashes

Author: scifichick2012
Flavor: Sam/Jack
Prompt: Steam trains, warm rain, rusty chains.
Link: Nothing Gold Can Stay

Author: sbzar
Flavor: Carter/Ba'al
Prompt: Killing suns was the easier job.
Link: On the Wings of Bees, Through the Death of Suns

Author: tittamiire
Flavor: Sam/Janet
Prompt: With the end of the world near, SG-1 is evacuated to the Alpha site along with a select group of the world's best and brightest.
Link: The Roots That Clutch

Author: skieswideopen
Flavor: Cam gen
Prompt: The end of the world was not supposed to be this mundane.
Link: Stepping Down from the Sky

Author: seldear
Flavor: Gen
Prompt: Something or someone causes everything electronic to stop working. (Think electromagnetic pulse, only on a prolonged, massive scale.)
Link: Storm Front

Author: ultranos_fic
Flavor: Gen
Prompt: Sam. 'Grace' AU. She escapes, alone, and returns to Earth only to find the Earth ravaged by disaster--either natural or man-made.
Link: The Substance of Things Hoped For

Author: a_loquita
Flavor: Sam & Cam gen
Prompt: The worst has happened – it's rather liberating.
Link: Superposition

Author: ziparumpazoo
Flavor: Sam/Cam
Prompt: Cam tells stories: stories about his youth, his ancestors, the Appalachians he grew up in. Sam worries these will be the only stories of Earth that survive.
Link: Tales Our Fathers Told Us

Author: a_loquita
Flavor: Sam/Jack
Prompt: On second thought, that was a really bad idea.
Link: The Things That You Leave Behind

Author: cofax7
Flavor: Gen
Prompt: See the end of the story for the prompt.
Link: Walkabout

Author: hariboo
Flavor: Gen
Prompt: The visiting members of SG-1 were off visiting some new allies when the word came that Earth was going to blow the gate. By the time they get to Atlantis, it was too late to go home.
Link: We Don't Pray That Way

Author: bluflamingo
Flavor: John/Cam
Prompt: He thought that if they flew far enough, it might all fall away.
Link: World Without End

Author: kazbaby
Flavor: Daniel/Cam
Prompt: In the Prose Edda, Ragnarok had two human survivors.
Link: You Can Hear the Whistle Blowing

Author: colej55
Flavor: Jack/Sam
Prompt: See the end of the story for the prompt.
Link: Your Name on a Grain of Rice
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